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Rates and Quotes

The cost of a video production will depend on exactly what you want done and how involved you want us to be.  Are you looking for simple documentation of an event?  An interview conducted in studio?  Footage shot from above a scene, from a moving vehicle or aircraft?  Animated graphics?  Size of crew?

In order to establish a price estimate, we speak directly with you to discuss your particular project.  During this free consultation, we learn the purpose and target audience of the video.  We work with you in determining the look and feel you want to attain, any special effects you would like to include, and what will work within your budget.

Some variables that contribute to the final cost of your video production:

  • Creative concept
  • Script writing
  • Research and meetings
  • Location scouting
  • Casting
  • Permits

  • Number of camera operators
  • Voice and on-camera talent
  • Studio rental, lighting and set design
  • Specialty gear like gimbals, cranes, slo-mo cameras



  • Editing
  • Music and stock footage
  • Intros and Extros
  • Motion graphics and animations

  • Physical media Duplication
  • DVD or BluRay authoring
  • Transcoding for internet use, such as YouTube or your website